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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Washi Tape - Tutorial

As you well know, I just love tutorials. Especially if they are supa easy but supa clever. I found this tutorial on one of my favourite blog's "Nifty Thrifty Things" and thought that I would share.  Click on the link and make your very own Washi Tape.

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September 2012 Fabric

The one thing about an amazing show is that you normally sell out and this is exactly what has happened to me. I now, with some speed and dexterity, have to cut, sew, wait, cut, sew etc etc. I have placed my order for new fabrics and they are gorgeous.  Fabric choices from some of my favourite designers, Heather Bailey, Amy Butler and Erin McMorris.  If you would like a custom made goodie, click on my pinterest link
select the fabric you would like and pop me a mail at

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Lun@tic's new look

I've been haggling back and forth about changing the look and feel of Lun@tic, into something more relevant.  As much as I LOVE Owls and I do, it was time.  So the amazing Bev and Don from On the Mark Communication's captured the essence of what I was looking for.

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I'm back

It's been forever since I last sent out a post and I'm feeling terrible about it. Life seems to take over and before you know it, it's Christmas again. But I'm back now, with loads more to share so watch this space.

But first I have to share some pictures of the most amazing show/market I've been to yet. The Sunday Tribune Garden Show, held in PMB from the 21st Sep to the 24th Sep was awesome. Loads of fun was had with Wally and Jenny (yep Mom and Dad) from Glasshoppers, Bobbi from Bobbi's and Claire Green from Claire’s pottery. The show was well supported and my thanks’ goes out to everyone who handed over their well-earned monies for a Lun@tic original.

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