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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lunatic is on Facebook

I’ve done it, finally... I must admit, I swore tooth and sewing nail that I would not open yet another "virtual" site, but I have been convinced otherwise and have now opened a Lun@tic Facebook page.

So wish me luck and pop on over and "like" if you like :-)

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lun@tic - My love of fabric

I blog about a whole bunch of stuff and I thought it may be a good idea to refresh on what Lun@tic is all about - considering that it is 2 years old this month. 

The inspiration to start Lun@tic was from a variety of experiences, the first was being exposed to Lou Harvey and the amazingly bright fabric's she uses, then there was a trip to the UK and once again being astounded by the amount of colourful options for little girls clothing.  I’ve always been drawn to the "Bright" side and found that the option's locally were just too bland for my bright and cheerful little bird.

I whipped out the sewing machine (which I hadn’t used in, sheesh, ages) and started messing around with some really simple pattern's.  I then scoured the internet for the fabrics that I would love to see on her and walla beautiful bright clothing was born and the need to share this love resulted in Lun@tic.

Here are some pic's of my first creations and my little bird Robyn:-

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Owl Lover 2013 Calendar

I love owl's - what you did'nt know ;-)  I recived an e-mail from Shivani ( who reminded me that it was that time of the year again where the friends of My Owl Barn, submit various owl pictures in order for us "Owl Lovers" to download our very own customized calenders for 2013.  So if you are a Owl Lover like me, click on the following link , customise your own calendar and share it with friends and followers.

Thanks Shivani and the artist's that have come together to share the love of owls.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bean Bag - Tactile

I met a lovely lady at the Sunday Tribune Garden Show (I know I keep going on about the show), anyway, she took one look at the Doe Doe's that I was selling and she recommended making Bean Bag's in the same way.  As you can imagine many people come up many many ideas and share them freely and most of the time I listen and then promptly forget (cause my memory isn’t that great).  Tasqeen, in her wisdom (clever lady) e-mailed me the same day to remind me and here it is.  I think they are lovely and will now be a permanent part of my product range.  Thanks Tasqeen

These bean bags are awesome. The loops are big enough that little one's can get their fingers in them, helping develop fine motor skills, but not too big to get little fingers twisted and stuck.


Baby Hands Photo from Pin It Now!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Things that bring the banshee out of me

I was browsing through the blog's that I follow and I came across this list that put together and I could immediately related to her list.  It went something like this:-

1. Stepping on lego and trying so hard not to turn the air blue. 

2. Looking at my white wood and realising it's changed to a new paint shade called 'grubby finger grey'. 

3. Saying stuff and it never sinks in. 

4. Toothpaste blobs in the sink and down the side of it. HOW?

5. Drawers pulled open and never shut.

6. Constant dirty bowls and plates dumped by the sink when the dishwasher is empty and ready for dirty dishes.

7. Dirty laundry thrown on the floor when there is a laundry bin two steps away from it.

8. Cushions never on sofas and chairs but on floors.

9. TV remote never where you can find it.

10. My belongings moved or taken and no one ever admits to it.

No. 10 has got to be my worst.  

It got me thinking that it's really easy to list the things that frustrate and infuriate, so to turn the tide, here are my TOP 10 things that I LOVE about my offspring (besides the fact that I have to, I'm their mother)

1. The millions of beautiful pieces of artwork made just for me, where I'm skinny and gorgeous. 

2. When I get up in the morning and they've got dressed and had breakfast all on their own.

3. The endless supply of hugs and kisses.

4. That they still want to hold my hand when we are out in public.

5. They tell me I’m beautiful when I’ve just got out of bed.

6. Their eagerness to help make supper, dish up or play waiter/ess.

7. They keep as quiet as mice when all I want is an afternoon nap.

8. When they model for me when I buy or make clothes, just so that I can get a good look.

9. The smile I am gifted when I walk in the door after a hard day of work.

10. They love each other, and surprisingly miss each other when not around.

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