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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bean Bag - Tactile

I met a lovely lady at the Sunday Tribune Garden Show (I know I keep going on about the show), anyway, she took one look at the Doe Doe's that I was selling and she recommended making Bean Bag's in the same way.  As you can imagine many people come up many many ideas and share them freely and most of the time I listen and then promptly forget (cause my memory isn’t that great).  Tasqeen, in her wisdom (clever lady) e-mailed me the same day to remind me and here it is.  I think they are lovely and will now be a permanent part of my product range.  Thanks Tasqeen

These bean bags are awesome. The loops are big enough that little one's can get their fingers in them, helping develop fine motor skills, but not too big to get little fingers twisted and stuck.


Baby Hands Photo from Pin It Now!


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