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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Recycled Display Unit - Tutorial

I've always been a huge fan of salvaging, recycling, re-vamping, reutilizing and all the other words one can find in a Thesaurus to describe the "making something old, new & useful".

So when I agreed to do the Sunday Tribune Garden Show this year, I was aware that the space I was being given would be close to double the size I'm used to and therefore needed to come up with some idea on how I was going to display my goodies.  This is when it hit me, I remember seeing in a mag some time ago (and for the life of me, I have no idea which one) a wooden ladder shelf.  So I made one and here is the tutorial.

Ask the significant men in your life to check the store room, garage, uithuis, junk area for the old wooden ladder you know you have, but just can’t remember where you put it :-)   It should look something like this. Yep, a ladder boasting old paint splashed and messed all over.

 Measure the width's between the shelves (from the one leg to the other), head on over to your nearest hardware shop and buy the amount of wood (I used pine) you would need according to your measurements. Most hardware stores will cut the wood, for free, to size for you, if you ask.

Grab some paint while you at it, I used normal PVA and paint, paint, paint.  Walla a shelf you can use to display almost anything.

Here are pictures of my completed stand:-

Here is another visual example, if you lucky to have 2 wooden ladders:-

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