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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lun@tic - My love of fabric

I blog about a whole bunch of stuff and I thought it may be a good idea to refresh on what Lun@tic is all about - considering that it is 2 years old this month. 

The inspiration to start Lun@tic was from a variety of experiences, the first was being exposed to Lou Harvey and the amazingly bright fabric's she uses, then there was a trip to the UK and once again being astounded by the amount of colourful options for little girls clothing.  I’ve always been drawn to the "Bright" side and found that the option's locally were just too bland for my bright and cheerful little bird.

I whipped out the sewing machine (which I hadn’t used in, sheesh, ages) and started messing around with some really simple pattern's.  I then scoured the internet for the fabrics that I would love to see on her and walla beautiful bright clothing was born and the need to share this love resulted in Lun@tic.

Here are some pic's of my first creations and my little bird Robyn:-

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