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Monday, February 7, 2011

Lun@tic and Glasshoppers Collaboration

My mom and dad is a couple of crazy glass artists called glasshoppers - but not only are the mad about glass they also happen to be extremely talented.  Have a look at their website

After very little persuasion they fired up some glass hearts for me to add to my fabric brooches, I just love the mixed medium and how the 2 go so beautifully together.

Let me know what you think and stand a chance of winning one of these lovelies.

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Jess said...

Beautiful! I see where you get your talent from... lucky girl to have such a creative family! The brooches are adorable. Love the mixed mediums, they fit perfectly together. Would be happy to show one of these off for you (o:

Elizabeth said...

Oh my these are fabulous. I agree that the mix of mediums is lovely.

Blessings, Elizabeth

momma rae said...

oh my! i love it!! that glass heart is fabulous especially paired with the fun fabric! ;)

Gramerly said...

Oh, so springy! Such a pick-me-up on this wintry day. I am way into brooches, as other jewelry is not my thing. Altogether lovely.

K said...

I must tell you how delightful warm glass is. Any glass is. I'd never have thought of pairing up glass with fabric the way you have. This is why the Creative Net is not good for me - I want to make everything. But I have never yet made so perfect a heart as your parents can do, and couldn't make the flower you have made. I'm going to have to go see the grasshoppers place. Now my eyes are hungry.

K said...

Oh, yeah - your folks are good. Very, very good. And that studio - I have friends who are working out of their cramped garage - that open air loveliness would simply grab them by the heart. Of course you have to be making things - you were probably born with an ancestral file of design memories in your head. Blessed.

Lun@tic said...

In the spirit of Valentines and the stunning feedback (thanks everyone), Ive decided I'll be like Oprah and will send everyone a heart brooch. Please send me your address's

Pumpy said...

These are really lovely. I would love a brooch..

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