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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1990's BC - The Rift

On the way home from JHB, it struck me that I would really like to do a bit of a "recall" of the years 1990's BC (Before Children).   So for the next few day's I'm going to be posting things/stuff about the years that I still talk about, laugh about and sometimes even cry about.

To kick it off I'm paying tribute to the club I spent most of my nocturnal activities, where I could stay up to 4 and still get up for work at 6, day after day after day after day.

You would be brave to venture into this part of "Town" these days - mind you were brave back then too.  80 St Georges Street, being met at the bottom of the stairs by "Alex" (a local street child), flashing your VIP key ring and then being enveloped by 60's 70's Rock, Post Punk and British Invasion, the list goes on......

For me The Rift signified individuality, a place where one could yourself without judgement, criticism or council.....
Years later, there is still a group on peop's who remember and transform us back - Thanks for the Reunions.

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