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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Crochet Monday

Yesterday I woke up with the need to create something or at least start creating something using wool.  Yes I let my sewing machine and Wilkinson sword to rest for the day and picked the project I felt I wanted to do for ME... Considering how "Brrrrrr" it’s been, it was obvious, a granny square throw it would be.

This led me thinking of whether crocheting is a dying art and are we doing what we can to keep it alive.  But first for some history:-
Little is known of crochet's early history. It seems likely that the earliest crochet was made using fingers, rather than the hooks used today. There are theories that crochet could have existed as early as 1500 BC, as part of nun's work, which included needlepoint lace and bobbin lace.

Article Source:

But as much as retro, vintage, traditional, old fashioned is in at the moment, there are amazing people out there, which are making sure crochet stays fresh, new, bright, funky and innovative.


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