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Friday, January 21, 2011

Mag's looking for a home

While I'm in the giving mood, I seriously would like to find a home for the ton's of magazines that I have.  There are years of all sorts from the old Real Simple to Home, some Fresh Living a couple of Cosmo's (I get these free - do not judge) Sports Illustrated etc etc etc.

If there is anyone out there that would like them, or knows of someone who knows of someone who's sisters best friends mother would like them then please drop me a comment and feel free to share the image below:-

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coelho said...

hi - we give to the spca, they collect if a lot & always grateful, they sell them to make money

Maja said...

oh, I would love to have them and I promise to donate them once I've read them through... we recently moved to Durban and everything I own is in storage in PE and probably will be for a very long time until we can get settled in here....
I have the most gorgeous collection of vintage magazines and a very precious collection of international magazines.... (which got wrapped and packed just as carefully as my wedding plates) so please consider passing them to me, and I'll make sure they go to a good cause once I'm done
will check back here in comment section to see how you feel about that
thank you!

Lun@tic said...

Hi Maja,

Sure let me know where you are and when is convenient for you and I'll drop them off?


Maja said...

thank you! thank you!
We are renting in Umdloti, but working in LaLucia, I have most mornings free so can pick up too...
mail at for contact details
very grateful, Durban ppl are lov-e-ly :)

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