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Friday, January 21, 2011

Treasure Chest

Part of my daily routine is logging onto Google Reader and absorbing all the amazing blog entries into my pores and completely escape to a world of creativity - What a rush...

Anyway, so this morning this particular blog In the treasure chest.... by One Pearl Button completely caught me.

I want these ones

Recently I was given a box of button's bought at an auction and was over whelmed (firstly by the dust) but once I got used to that, the button's that were in this box was like taking a trip back in years. I sifted through the buttons and took the ones that best suite me and handed the box over to Nadia from she has now taken her stash and is packaging the rest for the SPCA in Kloof..... How great is that. (sorry Nadia, I'm really punting you - hmmm I sound like a stalker)

So my message I guess is to give, give & give some more.  If you cant use stuff hand it over to those that can. Pin It Now!


Melissa Plank said...

Ahh, nice post, I love the buttons, and your hand made items are very appealing. I'm gonna pop over for a closer look!

Lun@tic said...

Thanks, glad you like them....

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